The whole twitter thing is still very new to me. My history of twitter is very limited, I’m not sure why but I feel as those my generation or age group I’m not sure which it is, but I feel as though we just skipped the whole needing a twitter phase. Most people my age are more likely to have Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. However, when it comes twitter I’ve had my account since January when I was told we needed it for my ECS 100 class but we never ended up using it so my account was still without its first tweet. Well that is no longer the case as since the day we did the online chat on tweet deck for EDTC 300, I have been using the account consistently. This is what my account looks like at the moment as you can see, I’m still trying to show some of my personality.

I feel as though that as I move forward it will be important to have a twitter account. I plan to share and gain new resources from other members in the education field that will help me for the future. The other positive for having my twitter account will be the fact that I will be improving my digital footprint. The reason that this is important is because I want when people search me up that it is positive interactions and professional behaviour that they see.

On May 16th, our class was able to take part in a #saskedchat on Twitter using the Tweetdeck option. When we first got going, I’m not going to lie it seemed a bit overwhelming at the start. However, I soon found out that it was relatively easy. We answered multiple questions and viewed others posts and it was a very unique experience. The questions were related to education and I feel I gathered new information that could help me for my future which is always helpful. I also liked how almost everyone has different experiences in their career so far, so nobody’s answer is likely to be the same.

At this point, I feel as though my thoughts on using twitter as professional development tool have been nothing but positive. It is helping me connect with people in my field that have plenty of useful resources to share and just getting to know more people is always nice! I think that this class has helped change my stigma on twitter not being for me or that it was useless. I’m eager to improve my twitter skills and help build my digital footprint!


Before I could even start baking and decorating some yummy treats I had to do a little research. I had to find some recipes and look for what I might all need to decorate some cupcakes. I found a helpful article and from there I made a list and headed off to the store.

I decided quite early on that I would start off with cupcakes before moving on to cakes in the later weeks. I figured I would start off with my favourite cupcakes and they are called white wedding cake cupcakes. I remember having them at some point of my childhood and thinking they were the best baking of all time. However, this was my first time attempting to make them from scratch so I was not sure how exactly they would turn out.


After finishing up baking the cupcakes, my next task was to make the icing. I choose a buttercream frosting recipe as that is the most common when decorating cupcakes. I completed it and after I got the right consistency, I had a very important choice to make… what colour shall I make the icing? I ended up going with a lavender as it is one of my favourite colours and thought it would look somewhat modern. For these cupcakes I wanted to go very simple as I have relatively no experience in icing. So I searched up what were the most common icing techniques and came across this video.

These are the end results:

Wilton 1M

Wilton 2D

Wilton 2A

Wilton 4B

As you can see from my work I clearly did not have secret amazing icing abilities. However, for arguable my first time icing cupcakes in my life I feel I did a pretty decent job. Its very subjective to which ones look the best but in my opinion you can some what see the improvement when I iced my first compared to the third. I think you can especially see this in the Wilton 2A tip where the first cupcake I iced was all over the place but by the third I seemed to almost have a better grasp  of it and it looked significantly better. I knew that this wouldn’t be super easy that is why I started with cupcakes, one colour of icing, and 4 of the simpler icing techniques. Obviously I have work to do if I want to improve my skills but this is why I choose this as my learning project. Next week I will try to challenge myself a little more and make a bit more creative cupcakes. I feel I still need a bit more practice before moving onto a more difficult task like a cake.


While discovering how Feedly worked I was able to come across a few sources that I found would be quite helpful. They appeared to not only have reliable and useful content but posted quite a few articles. Some of the sources I looked at had some good articles but only would post roughly once a month when the other sources posted like 5-16 times in a week.

The first source I choose was called “Educational Technology”. The account has over 33k followers and is extremely active with roughly 14 posts per week. These were indications for myself that others trust this site and they are consistently putting out new content. I looked through and it was genuinely good work and it was not as if they were putting out more content that was just irrelevant just for the sake of creating new content. I’m looking forward to learning as the had very informative articles such as “9 Good Educational Apps Free Today – Grab Them“. Overall, I feel that this source will be quite beneficially to my learning.

The second source that I choose was called “Free Technology for Teachers“. The reasons I choose this site were fairly similar as I looked at the number of followers they had and how many articles they were releasing per week. However, looking at some of the articles I like how it seemed to range quite a bit from different topics. There were articles like “5 Good Options for Making Digital Portfolios” that can help not only students but anyone who is making a digital portfolio. So, they have articles that can help out a teacher who may not be the best with technology.

I think I have a handle on how to work my Feedly account. This is good because I’m now seeing how beneficial it is and how it can help me now and in my future as an educator. As time goes by technology is becoming more and more essential so it will be key to have sources like Feedly. This is what my Feedly page looks like so far!


Welcome to the beginning of my adventure. For my learning project my goal is to learn how to decorate and create excellent looking baking.

Photo Credit: afagen Flickr via Compfight cc

Throughout my life I have always considered myself a “foodie” as I like to make new recipes and dishes. However, one thing I have shied away from would be baking. I was more of the person to buy the pre-made cookie dough and to not start from scratch. This is why as I thought and looked on the internet for ideas of what skill I could learn, I kept coming back to making appealing looking baking. I remember in my childhood trying to ice a cake and it ending in disaster so I think this is the reason I may have never attempted it again. The most I can currently do is slab a piece of icing on top and calling it finished.

As I begin my journey of improving my ability to decorate various types of baking, I am going to start very basic. First, I’ll try to gain knowledge on icing techniques in general before I move on to the baking.

This was a video I found and at first it made me feel a little over whelmed but I will try my best. After I feel as though I have learned some icing techniques, I will try them on cupcakes. Eventually when I feel I have made significant progress I will try decorating cakes. I will have to gather more information because I’m sure there is more to learn than just icing techniques. That’s why I think this will be a fun experience because I’m eager to know what goes into creating great looking baking!

As the project begins, I feel as though I will be taking a trip to the store soon to gather a bunch of new supplies. It should be a fun and tasty journey!

Photo Credit: annamatic3000 Flickr via Compfight cc


My name is Karter Lafontaine and I come from a small town called Montmartre that is about an hour away from Regina. Growing up on a farm has helped shaped me into the person I am and created the work ethic that I have to this day. I would like to consider myself an empathic and passionate person and there are many interests I have in life. This includes hanging with my friends, fitness, food, movies, and video games. That’s just a little about who I am.

When it comes to my experiences with educational technology, I would not consider myself an expert at the moment. The first session where we went over blogging went a little over my head as I have never done it before. I have also never used twitter before as you can see from on my profile, I do not have very much activity at the moment on it. However, I have used zoom before for my ENGL 100 class that I took when I was in high school so I was already prepared for how this class would work in that sense. Overall, I feel that I have plenty to learn on the topic of educational technologies and am ready to get started!

Photo Credit: Jim Makos Flickr via Compfight cc