Before I could even start baking and decorating some yummy treats I had to do a little research. I had to find some recipes and look for what I might all need to decorate some cupcakes. I found a helpful article and from there I made a list and headed off to the store.

I decided quite early on that I would start off with cupcakes before moving on to cakes in the later weeks. I figured I would start off with my favourite cupcakes and they are called white wedding cake cupcakes. I remember having them at some point of my childhood and thinking they were the best baking of all time. However, this was my first time attempting to make them from scratch so I was not sure how exactly they would turn out.


After finishing up baking the cupcakes, my next task was to make the icing. I choose a buttercream frosting recipe as that is the most common when decorating cupcakes. I completed it and after I got the right consistency, I had a very important choice to make… what colour shall I make the icing? I ended up going with a lavender as it is one of my favourite colours and thought it would look somewhat modern. For these cupcakes I wanted to go very simple as I have relatively no experience in icing. So I searched up what were the most common icing techniques and came across this video.

These are the end results:

Wilton 1M

Wilton 2D

Wilton 2A

Wilton 4B

As you can see from my work I clearly did not have secret amazing icing abilities. However, for arguable my first time icing cupcakes in my life I feel I did a pretty decent job. Its very subjective to which ones look the best but in my opinion you can some what see the improvement when I iced my first compared to the third. I think you can especially see this in the Wilton 2A tip where the first cupcake I iced was all over the place but by the third I seemed to almost have a better grasp  of it and it looked significantly better. I knew that this wouldn’t be super easy that is why I started with cupcakes, one colour of icing, and 4 of the simpler icing techniques. Obviously I have work to do if I want to improve my skills but this is why I choose this as my learning project. Next week I will try to challenge myself a little more and make a bit more creative cupcakes. I feel I still need a bit more practice before moving onto a more difficult task like a cake.

7 thoughts on “WEEK ONE – SIMPLE SWIRLS”

  1. These look so yummy! If you are looking for a challenge, I think it would be interesting to try to make vegan baking! I am vegan, and finding fresh baking options in the city is very difficult, so I usually have to make everything homemade. There are some interesting substitutions, and it would be interesting to see how vegan baking compares in difficulty, texture, appearance, etc., to regular baking. Just a suggestion, don’t feel obligated to try this! Great job, I’m excited to see your future creations!

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  2. These look really good, Karter! Another challenge to add onto Brenna’s comment is gluten free baking. I found decorating my gluten free cake that I made in week one super hard because it fell apart to easily however it still tasted really good. Also for someone who hasn’t decorated cupcakes or anything before these are really great. I would love to see some themed cupcakes that would be designed to help you work on your piping skills.

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