Welcome to the beginning of my adventure. For my learning project my goal is to learn how to decorate and create excellent looking baking.

Photo Credit: afagen Flickr via Compfight cc

Throughout my life I have always considered myself a “foodie” as I like to make new recipes and dishes. However, one thing I have shied away from would be baking. I was more of the person to buy the pre-made cookie dough and to not start from scratch. This is why as I thought and looked on the internet for ideas of what skill I could learn, I kept coming back to making appealing looking baking. I remember in my childhood trying to ice a cake and it ending in disaster so I think this is the reason I may have never attempted it again. The most I can currently do is slab a piece of icing on top and calling it finished.

As I begin my journey of improving my ability to decorate various types of baking, I am going to start very basic. First, I’ll try to gain knowledge on icing techniques in general before I move on to the baking.

This was a video I found and at first it made me feel a little over whelmed but I will try my best. After I feel as though I have learned some icing techniques, I will try them on cupcakes. Eventually when I feel I have made significant progress I will try decorating cakes. I will have to gather more information because I’m sure there is more to learn than just icing techniques. That’s why I think this will be a fun experience because I’m eager to know what goes into creating great looking baking!

As the project begins, I feel as though I will be taking a trip to the store soon to gather a bunch of new supplies. It should be a fun and tasty journey!

Photo Credit: annamatic3000 Flickr via Compfight cc


One thought on “LET’S GET BAKING”

  1. Karter,
    This is a great idea for a learning project. Baking is one of my passions and I consider myself somewhat of an amateur cake decorator. I have made a couple wedding cakes and birthday cakes for friends and family. Baking is so much fun and can also be very relaxing. A cake is a blank canvas and leaves so much room for creativity. I look forward to following your progress on this journey. Here is a very easy to follow recipe for marshmallow fondant. Using fondant can be very useful and lots of fun to work with. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration on things to try throughout your journey! https://www.wilton.com/rolled-marshmallow-fondant/WLRECIP-242.html

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